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UN OSCURO BENVENUTO - There is actually no hard and fast rule to dictate above

pollytennyson - Ven Mar 01, 2019 9:01 am
Oggetto: There is actually no hard and fast rule to dictate above
For example, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance where
Bajaj is a dominant player in the automobile sector and Allianz is often a German financial service major. Now since Bajaj wants an entry in the insurance sector and Allianz wants an entry in the Indian market, they jointly made any brand 'Bajaj-Allianz' to reap the fruits in the Indian insurance market.

Co-branding offers some limitations too. These kinds of relationships usually involve intricate legal contracts and licenses. Co-branding partners must carefully coordinate their advertising, sales
promotion, and various marketing efforts. The onus lies on both the partners to carry this co-brand with trust and also dignity.

4. Developing Makes:

To augment the brand equity
it is very crucial for you to prepare a brand progression strategy incommensurate with altering business scenarios. There is actually no hard and fast rule to dictate above.

Line extensions:

Brands name of a product
can be extended to a preexisting line of products to be able to accredit new forms, colours, sizes, ingredients or flavors of your existing product. However, collection extensions involve some perils. An overextended brand name might cause consumer confusion or loss a few of its specific meaning.

Company extensions:

It happens whenever a current brand name is extended into a new or modified product in the new category. For case in point, Nestlé's popular brand of noodles Maagi continues to be extended to its tomato ketchup, pasta, soup for example. A brand
extension gives a fresh product instant recognition along with faster acceptance. But you should be careful while extending brand precisely as it may confuse the image in the main brand.
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