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UN OSCURO BENVENUTO - Many statues and articles decorated

lambertjerry - Sab Mar 30, 2019 4:36 am
Oggetto: Many statues and articles decorated
Sad to say, the other seven were destroyed by
various means. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is significant due to its complex irrigation system. There exists still a question if there was really "gardens" but there is evidence of vaulted terraces recognized on pillars - "an artificial rising mountain of gardens. " This was wrecked by an earthquake across the first century B. D.

The Temple of Artemis from Ephesus in Turkey seemed to be built to honor the actual Greek goddess of hunting and nature. This fully marble structure was wrecked by arson. The Greek who, Zeus, was also honored with
a statue at Olympia throughout Greece.

He is seated and holds a statue of Nike, goddess of victory. Historians disagree on how it was demolished. A third god was recognized from the Colossus at Rhodes. It was a 100-foot statue erected of Helios, the patron saint of
the island of Rhodes. An earthquake destroyed the idea only 54 years after it was built.

The Tomb associated with Maussollos at Halicarnassus
was constructed to reverance the king, Maussollos, as well as his wife. Many statues and articles decorated the exterior but all was lost caused by several earthquakes in that 14th century.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria on the Pharos Island in Egypt applied light color stone as well as a mirror was placed from its highest point to reflect sunlight in the daytime. Two earthquakes damaged it inside the early 1330's and
the rest was destroyed in 1480 every time a fort was built now there.
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